Gold is a precious metal that exists only a few on the earth. The total amount of gold mined since historic was about 186,600 tons. Converting to the Olympic official pool, it is calculated for about 3.8 cups. is. Many of these gold have been taken out of the ore taken at the gold mine. 
 In addition to gold, precious metals such as platinum and silver are included in gold ore. Crush the gold ore finely and grind it. Then, using a chemical solution, extract useful ingredients containing gold as a solution. By placing the solution (precious liquid) in the electrolytic bath, it is possible to precipitate gold, platinum, silver, etc. which are difficult to ionize. Then melt the thing out in a high temperature furnace. Then, we can concentrate heavier gold downwards and separate them. The purity of gold at this point is 98%. 
 Further purification, raising the purity to 99.99%, we manufacture “bullion”. 

 In the case of Japan, there used to be a gold mine that had a high gold content rate, but since it has exhausted enough gold to meet the cost, most of it is now closed. 

 In Japan, instead of gold mining, the city’s “mine” is drawing attention now. Actually, in the city there is a “gold ore” that far exceeds the amount of gold at the gold mine. It is a personal computer, mobile phone, digital camera, game machine and so on. Gold is the rarest rust precious metal that is hard to alter. Moreover, it can be extended thinly and thinly, easy to pass electricity, it is indispensable for precision industrial products. There is only a small amount in each one, but if you gather it all you are comparable to a large mine and it is called “city mine” . 

 Tanaka Precious Metals Industries collects precious metals from urban mines in Japan and refines gold with high purity. We will introduce the process of recycling.




日本では金鉱山に代わり、今注目されているのが、都会の“鉱山”です。実は都会には、金鉱山の金の量をはるかに上回る “金鉱脈”があります。それはパソコン、携帯電話、デジカメ、ゲーム機などです。金は最もさびにくく変質しにくい貴金属です。また細く薄く延ばすことができるうえ、電気を通しやすいため、精密工業製品には不可欠なのです。1つ1つに含まれる量はわずかですが、全部集めれば大きな鉱山に匹敵する量になり、「都市鉱山」とよばれます。